I have diabetes, and due to complications, I had to have a leg amputated. It was extremely difficult—physically and emotionally. I was a little scared and apprehensive about going to rehab and didn’t really know what the next steps would be in my recovery.
Fortunately, I spoke to Pam, who represented Warren Center at the hospital. She gave me the facts and instilled the confidence to understand the rehab I needed. The staff there is so warm and attentive. They reassured me that, although it would be a challenge, I would be healed—physically and emotionally. They definitely kept their promise.
It wasn’t easy but I did heal and made some new friends along the way that helped make the recovery easier. The entire team at Warren Center made sure to take a part in making my stay comfortable and keeping me focused on the road to recovery. Recovering is work, but I was successful due to the team at Warren Center, and I couldn’t be more grateful.